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   TestEquity FS Series Forced Air Ovens
FS Series Forced Air Oven
  • Temperature Range: Heating to 250°C
  • Single-Setpoint Temperature Controller
  • Digital Timer
  • Adjustable Overtemperature Limit
  • Type-430 Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Interior
  • Durable Powder-Coat Paint Exterior Finish
  • Tight Temperature Uniformity
  • Horizontal Airflow, Forced Air Convection
  • Exhaust Port
  • Two-Inch Feedthrough Port on Left Side
  • Includes 2 Adjustable Stainless Steel Shelves
  • Fast Delivery From Stock
  • 3 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor Warranty

Note: Ovens are not designed for testing energized products. They are not capable of cooling.

TestEquity FS Series ovens are computer engineered to meet your most demanding needs. They are ideal for applications such as drying, curing, baking, and product test at an economical price. The FS series ovens were designed to provide extremely accurate temperature uniformity with no temperature overshoot. Our true horizontal airflow system and rugged industrial construction offers a level of performance usually found only in more expensive ovens.

Microprocessor Control
The microprocessor achieves precise temperature control with rapid recovery after door openings. As a standard feature, the FS Series ovens incorporate a digital electronic timer. The timer has a range of 1 minute to 99 hours/59 minutes and is activated by an independent ON/OFF switch. Two large LED displays provide easy to read indication of both temperature and time parameters.

TestEquity  Horizontal AirflowHorizontal Airflow
Our true horizontal airflow system offers a high level of performance and optimal circulation. Heated air is directed into the duct space on the right side of the oven chamber and flows through horizontal slots and across the shelves. The air then exits the workspace through slots on the opposite wall. With “one pass” circulation, the air is circulated through the blowers and over the heating elements each time it passes through the oven chamber. By forcing continuously warmed air into the chamber, the blower assures uniform heating across all shelves and throughout the chamber, regardless of how the shelves are loaded.

A top-mounted exhaust port can be opened to vent moisture, non-hazardous fumes, or for rapid cool-down. Intake air comes through non-adjustable slots on the side.

Safety Features
TestEquity ovens are equipped with totally independent overtemperature protection (OTP). This OTP controller operates independently of the microprocessor and will control the heat if the temperature setpoint is exceeded.

The heating elements are situated outside the oven workspace and thus protected against accidental spills inside the chamber. The stainless steel oven interior with adjustable shelves provides maximum corrosion resistance. A high temperature silicone rubber door seal eliminates air leakage. In addition, the door latch and hinges are user-adjustable to maintain a proper seal as metal expands and contracts over the life of the oven.

Temperature Range
Heating to 250°C
Uniformity (typ)
Heat Up Time to +150°C
15 Minutes
Recovery to +150°C after 30 sec. door opening
2 Minutes
Electronic Timer Range
1 Min. to 99 Hrs/59 Min
(may be switched off for continuous operation)
Chamber Volume
1.55 Cu Ft
3.3 Cu Ft
Interior Dimensions (W"xD"xH")
13 x 14 x 14.75
18.25 x 19 x 16.5
Exterior Dimensions (W"xD"xH")
21.25 x 23.75 x 33
27 x 25 x 34.75
Input Power
(50/60 Hz, Single Phase)
120V, 9.5A
120V, 13.5A
Net Weight
90 lbs.
115 lbs.
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