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   TestEquity Model FH5 Forced Air Oven

FH Series Forced Air Oven
  • Temperature Range: Heating to 300°C
  • 24-Step Programmable Ramp & Soak Controller
  • Adjustable Overtemperature Limit
  • Type-430 Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Interior
  • Durable Powder-Coat Paint Exterior Finish
  • Horizontal Airflow, Forced Air Convection
  • Exceptional Temperature Uniformity
  • Dual Blowers, Oversized Motors with Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Air Intake and Exhaust Ports
  • Two-Inch Feedthrough Port on Left Side
  • Includes 2 Adjustable Stainless Steel Shelves
  • Fast Delivery From Stock
  • 3 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor Warranty

Note: Ovens are not designed for testing energized products. They are not capable of cooling.

True One-Pass Horizontal Air Flow
Our true horizontal airflow system offers a high level of performance and optimal circulation. Heated air is directed into the duct space on the right side of the oven chamber and flows through horizontal slots and across the shelves. The air then exits the workspace through slots on the opposite wall. With “one pass” circulation, the air is circulated through the blowers and over the heating elements each time it passes through the oven chamber. By forcing continuously warmed air into the chamber, the blower assures uniform heating across all shelves and throughout the chamber, regardless of how the shelves are loaded.

Dual blower systemEfficient, Low Maintenance Motors
We use a dual blower system to protect from motor burn out and minimize oven downtime. One blower is used to dissipate heat away from the motor and bearings, while the other is used to move the heated air throughout the chamber. Large motors with oversize bearings provide long-life and low maintenance. Because stainless steel does not efficiently conduct heat, a half-inch stainless steel wall separates the motor from the chamber to minimize heat transfer.

Programmable, 24-Step Ramp and Soak Controller
The microprocessor-based temperature controller provides 24-step ramp and soak capability or single setpoint operation. Ramping operations include ramp/time or time-based programming, guaranteed soak deviation, program looping and program status selection after power outages. A sealed membrane touch-pad control panel protects the electronics.

Innovative Construction
To maintain temperature and reduce heat loss, we utilize two layers of 3.5” thick insulation on all five sides of the chamber. The two layers eliminate a seam and ensure that the insulation does not settle from heat exposure. A chamber door gasket eliminates heated air leakage. In addition, the door hinges are user adjustable to maintain a positive seal over the life of the oven. Other features include 3” air intake and exhaust ports, door latch and punched stainless steel shelves that are user adjustable to 1/2” increments for maximum end user customization.

Safety Features
TestEquity ovens are equipped with totally independent overtemperature protection (OTP). This OTP controller operates independently of the microprocessor and will control the heat if the temperature setpoint is exceeded.

The heating elements are situated outside the oven workspace and thus protected against accidental spills inside the chamber. The stainless steel oven interior with adjustable shelves provides maximum corrosion resistance.

Heating Rate
Temperature Range
Heating to 300°C
Uniformity @ +110°C
Heat Up Time to +150°C
17 Minutes
Recovery to +110°C after 30 sec. door opening
3 Minutes
Chamber Volume
4.9 Cu Ft
Interior Dimensions (W"xD"xH")
21 x 20.125 x 20.125
Exterior Dimensions (W"xD"xH")
35 x 28.5 x 38
Input Voltage
220 V, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
(208/240V nominal)
Heater Power
2,200 Watts
Input Current
12 Amps
Net Weight
325 lbs.
Model FH5  $5,495
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