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   TestEquity Environmental Chamber Rental and Leasing

RentalHere at TestEquity we not only strive to provide the best environmental chambers, but also the widest variety of purchasing options available. Whether your needs include buying, renting, or leasing, TestEquity has a plan that will meet those needs. Below is a brief summary of our Environmental Chamber Rental options.

  • Solve your short term equipment needs.
    Think of TestEquity as your off-site equipment pool, with the latest models always available for you – for as little (minimum 1 month billing) or as long as you need it.
  • Competitive rental rates.
    Your rental payments are a small fraction of the actual equipment value.
  • Rent with option to buy.
    Apply your rental payments towards the purchase price. We'll apply 25% of your rental payments towards the purchase price, or 100% if purchased within the first month.
  • Long-Term Leasing.
    Minimum 12-month terms, for when you intend to own the chamber at the end of the lease.

How is the chamber packaged? Is it convenient to return when I am done?

TestEquity Environmental Chambers are packaged with reuseable materials. Larger chambers, such as our models 140, 1007 and 1027, use packaging that has built-in ramps. You can roll the chamber of and on the palet without needing a forklift or palet jack. This makes it easy for you to both receive the chamber and to repackage it for return.

Large chambers MUST be shipped via air-ride van to prevent damage. Small chambers can be shipped via common freight carriers EXCEPT UPS.

Smal Chamber Packaging Large Chamber on Palet with Ramps
Small Chamber Packaging Large Chamber on Palet with Built-In Ramps

IMPORTANT! KEEP ALL PACKING MATERIAL - Chambers must be returned in the original packing material to prevent shipping damage. You will be responsible for any shipping damage due to improper packing. If you loose the packing material, you are responsible for having the item professionally crated at your expense.

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