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   TestEquity Water Recirculation System

What is a Water Recirculation System?

  • Provides a reliable supply of deionized water.
  • Closed loop system. Chamber condensate drains into tank.
  • Ideal when a supply of water and drain is not available.
  • Able to use tap water. Most competitive systems require an initial fill with deionized water.
  • Plug and play.
  • Pump is activated by the humidifier leveling system in the chamber.
  • Wheels allow you to roll it to an area where it can be filled and drained.
  • Optional and highly recommended. 
Water Recirculation System for Temperature/Humidity Chambers
1007H Chamber shown with
Model 0010 Water Recirculation System.
Water Recirculation System for Temperature/Humidity Chambers
123H Chamber shown with
Model 0016 Water Recirculation System.


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