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   TestEquity Model 115 Temperature Chamber Improvements

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Model 115A Improvements Over Competitive Legacy Designs

  • Competitive "JR or Junior, or 1.2" class of products were originally designed in the mid-1960's.
    • Competitive products have had no major technical improvements since their original introduction.
  • Bidirectional Control Architecture - New for 2014
    • Energy consumption reduced by 23.8%.
    • More responsive temperature control, reduced time to stabilize at set point.
    • Competitive products use a "bucking" system which wastes energy and takes a long time to stabilize at set point.
  • Suction Cooling Expansion Valve
    • Cools compressor during high-temperature pull down.
    • Competitive products allow the compressor suction line to overheat under these conditions.
  • Oil Separator
    • Separates the oil from refrigerant and returns it to compressor.
    • No oil additives needed.
    • Improved compressor life.
    • No performance degradation over time.
    • Competitive products do not have an oil separator and rely on the dubious use of oil additives.
  • Brazed Plate Cascade Condenser
    • More reliable, less handmade solder joints.
    • Competitive products use homemade heat exchangers with an excessive number of additional solder connections, creating potential leak points.
  • Sequential-Start Compressor Timer
    • Lower inrush current regardless of turn-on conditions.
    • Competitive products use a pressure switch which does not provide sequential starting all the time.
  • Rigid Foam & Fiberglass Insulation
    • Better insulation, longer life, stiffer cabinet.
    • Competitive products use fiberglass only.
  • Sealed Cabinet Penetrations
    • Less moisture migration for improved insulation life.
    • Competitive products use fiberglass only.
  • Adjustable Hinges and Latch
    • Compensates for inevitable gasket & hinge wear.
    • Competitive products have no provisions for adjustments.
  • Form Factor
    • Allows for ports on either side, reversible door, and smaller footprint.
    • Competitive products do not allow for a port on the right side. Asymmetrical form factor forces you to set up your test bench only one way. "Benchtop" footprint takes up your whole bench.
  • More Standard Features
    • Our base model includes a 3" port on both the left and right side, viewing window, interior light, shelf, and high-low temperature safety limit controller for no extra charge!
    • Competitive products only include one port. They charge extra for second port, extra for a window, extra for an interior light, extra for a shelf, and extra for a high-low temperature safety limit controller. Make sure you compare prices with ALL of these necessary features.
  • 3-Year Parts, 1-Year Labor Warranty
    • Competitve manufacturers offer only 1-year parts, 90-days labor.

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