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   TestEquity Half Cube Model 105A Benchtop Temperature Chamber - Detailed Specifications

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Temperature Range -40°C to +130°C
Control Tolerance ±0.5°C (±0.2°C Typical) (Measured at the control sensor after stabilization)
Uniformity ±1.0°C (±0.5°C Typical) (Variations throughout the chamber after stabilization)

Cool Down Transition Time (empty)*
Start Temp End Temp
+23°C 0°C -10°C -20°C -30°C -35°C -40°C
+23°C Standard ---- 3 min 5 min 7 min 10 min 13 min 22 min
50 Hz Export Version ---- 3 min 5 min 7 min 11 min 15 min 24 min
+85°C Standard 8 min 13 min 15 min 17 min 20 min 23 min 31 min
50 Hz Export Version 9 min 14 min 16 min 18 min 21 min 27 min 41 min
Heat Up Transition Time (empty)*
Start Temp End Temp  
+23°C +50°C +85°C
+23°C ----- 1.5 min 6 min
0°C 2 min 4 min 7.5 min
-20°C 3 min 5 min 8 min
-40°C 4.5 min 7.5 min 11 min

Rate Of Change
To calculate rate of change for a particular condition, take the difference between the Start Temp and End Temp and divide by the Transition Time.
Cool Down Example (empty): From +85°C to -20°C = 105°C / 17 min = 6.18°C/min.
Heat Up Example: From -40°C to +85°C = 125°C / 11 min = 11.36°C/min.

*Note: Transition times are measured after a 30 minute soak at the respective start temperature.

Live Load Capacity
+23°C 0°C -10°C -20°C -30°C -40°C
200 Watts 175 Watts 165 Watts 145 Watts 90 Watts 10 Watts

Refrigeration and Heating System
Compressor 1/3 HP Copeland hermetic
Condenser Air Cooled
Heater Power 500 Watts
Temperature Controller 256 steps, 10 profiles, ramp and soak programmable memory. RS-232C interface. Watlow Series F4.
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Limit Controller Independent of temperature controller. User adjustable high and low temperature limits. Shuts down the chamber if limits are exceeded. Watlow Series SD.
Power Requirements
Input Voltage

Standard Model 105A
120 V nominal (110 to 126 VAC), 60 Hz, 1 PH
Max Current Draw 10 A, Recommended Minimum Service 15 A

Export Model 105A-EX
230 V nominal (209 to 253 VAC), 50 Hz, 1 PH
Max Current Draw 5 A, Recommended Minimum Service 10 A

Physical Characteristics
Inside Dimensions 12" W x 9" H x 8" D, 0.5 cubic feet
(305 x 229 x 203 mm, 14 liters)
Outside Dimensions
16.5" W x 26" H x 20" D
(419 x 660 x 508 mm)
Door latch adds 2" to width. Circulator motor housing adds 2" to depth in rear
Minimum Installed Clearance 12" from the rear
Access Ports All new 105A chambers now include 3" ports (2.83" inside diameter) on left and right side (two total). Supplied with silicone foam port plugs
Weight Chamber Weight: 114 pounds (52 kg)
Shipping Weight: 140 pounds (64 kg)
Sound Level 52 dBA in cooling mode (A-weighted, measured 36" from the front surface, 63" from the floor, in a free-standing environment)

NOTE: Performance is typical and based on operation at 23°C (73°F) ambient and nominal input voltage. Designed for use in a normal conditioned laboratory. Operation at higher ambient temperatures will result in decreased cooling performance. Low end limit derates to -38°C when operating above 27°C (80°F) ambient. Operation above 30°C (85°F) or below 16°C (60°F) ambient is not recommended.

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