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   TestEquity Model 1027S Temperature Chamber - Detailed Specifications

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Temperature Range -35C to +175C
Control Tolerance 0.5C (Measured at the control sensor after stabilization)
Uniformity 1.0C (Variations throughout the chamber after stabilization)

Cool Down Transition Time (empty)*

Start Temp

End Temp

+23C 0C -10C -20C -30C -35C
+150C 9.0 min 14 min 17 min 20 min 26 min Ultimate
+85C 4.0 min 7.5 min 10 min 13 min 19 min
+23C ----- 1 min 2 min 4 min 9 min

Cool Down Transition Time (with 80 lb. aluminum load)*

Start Temp End Temp
+23C 0C -10C -20C -30C -35C
+150C 20.0 min 28 min 33 min 38 min 46 min Ultimate
+85C 8.0 min 16 min 20 min 25 min 33 min

Heat Up Transition Time (empty)*

Start Temp

End Temp

+23C +50C +85C +125C +150C +175C
+23C ----- 1.5 min 7 min 14 min 20 min Ultimate
0C 1.5 min 3.5 min 13 min 20 min 23 min Ultimate
-10C 2.2 min 4.2 min 14 min 22 min 25 min Ultimate
-35C 5.5 min 10 min 16 min 23 min 29 min Ultimate
Heat Up Transition Time (with 80 lb. aluminum load)*
Start Temp End Temp
+23C +50C +85C +125C +150C +175C
0C 5 min 13 min 23 min 36 min 45 min Ultimate
-35C 11 min 19 min 29 min 42 min 51 min Ultimate

Rate Of Change

To calculate rate of change for a particular condition, take the difference between the Start Temp and End Temp and divide by the Transition Time.
Cool Down Example (empty): From +85C to 0C = 85C / 7.5 min = 11.3C/min.
Cool Down Example (with 80 lb. load): From +85C to 0C = 85C / 16 min = 5.3C/min.
Heat Up Example (empty): From 0C to +85C = 85C / 13 min = 6.5C/min.
Heat Up Example (with 80 lb. load): From 0C to +85C = 85C / 23 min = 3.7C/min.

*Note: Transition times are measured after a 2 hour soak at the respective start temperature with an empty chamber, as indicated on the temperature controller, 23°C ambient. Measured with setpoint beyond the start and end temperatures. Does not include the effect of proportional band when approaching setpoint. Performance is reduced by 17% with 50 Hz input power.

Live Load Capacity
+23C 0C -10C -20C -30C
4,000 Watts 2,800 Watts 2,300 Watts 1,800 Watts 1,250 Watts

Refrigeration and Heating System

Refrigerant R-404A (Dupont HP-62)
Compressors 3.5 HP Copeland scroll compressor. More about Scroll Compressors >>
Condenser Air Cooled
Heater Power 4,000 Watts @ 208 V input


Temperature Controller

Watlow F4 Controller with RS-232 interface, LED readout of temperature, LCD display of other parameters (standard).
Watlow F4T Touch Screen Controller with RS-232, Ethernet interface, 4.3" color graphic touch screen (optional).

Limit Controller Independent high and low temperature limits. Triggers an audible alarm and shuts down the chamber. Relay contacts provide a safety power interlock for test sample.
Chart Recorder   (Optional) Honeywell DR4300 Series. One pen, 10" circular chart. Mounts in lower front door.

Input Power Requirements
230 V 10%, 60 Hz, 3 Phase Max Current Draw 31 A; Recommended Service 40 A
208 V -5/+10%, 60 Hz, 3 Phase Max Current Draw 26 A; Recommended Service 35 A

Input may be configured for 230 V or 208 V in the field by changing jumpers. Three phase load is balanced. Call for other voltages or 50 Hz operation.

Customer power source must be hard-wired to the chamber by a qualified electrician. Power cord and plug is not included.


Physical Characteristics

Inside Dimensions

40" W x 32" H x 36.5" D (27 cubic feet)
1016 mm W x 812.8 mm H x 927 mm D (764 liters)

Outside Dimensions

49" W x 73.25" H x 63" D (nominal)
1244 mm W x 1860 mm H x 1600 mm D

Door latch adds 3" to width on right side. Circulator motor and housing adds 6" to height - may be removed for move-in.

Minimum Installed Clearance 18" from the left and right side
24" from the rear
Window Viewing Area 18" W x 12" H
Access Ports 4" Port on left and right side (two total)
Supplied with foam plugs
Weight Chamber Weight: 1,410 pounds
Shipping Weight: 1,595 pounds

NOTE: Performance is typical and based on operation at 23°C (73°F) ambient and nominal input voltage. Designed for use in a normal conditioned laboratory. Operation at higher ambient temperatures may result in decreased cooling performance. Additional ports and shelves will also affect performance. Operation above 30°C (85°F) or below 16°C (60°F) ambient is not recommended. Performance is reduced by 17% with 50 Hz input power.

Due to continuous product improvements, specifications subject to change without notice.

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